You are driven. You are not afraid of effort nor pain in the pursuit of a goal. You are a member of a unique and determined breed. You are a creature of habit. You are a runner. And you are in the right place. 

Welcome to RunCreature, a publication about all things running.

We are a small team of writers and creators, passionate about running and athletics, and committed to great storytelling. Our objective is to grow the sport by elevating the profiles of people in the running community doing exceptional and inspirational things.

In addition to regular content, RunCreature will publish one magazine-style feature each month: The Sunday Long Read. In this series, we’ll profile Olympians, Paralympic athletes, high-profile coaches, weekend warriors, and innovators in the running world. These are people we believe you should take time to get to know.

We pride ourselves on delivering in-depth, insightful and well-crafted stories. We’re not simply concerned with runners’ times and accomplishments, but the human experiences that shape and transform them; the events that have altered the trajectory of their running journeys. We hope you enjoy the content and check-in regularly.

Like you, we are runners. We are driven. We are determined. Let’s grow the sport together. Be a RunCreature and come along on the journey.


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